If clicking often is strenuous for you find it physically difficult, you can use our Mac Auto Clicker to lessen your burden. Even if you consider yourself a little technologically challenged or technophobic sometimes, you can use our Mac Auto Clicker without any hassle due to its simple and intuitive user interface.

Our auto clicker can click on your behalf until you stop the program or it completes a certain number of clicks.

Features of the Mac Auto Clicker

Configure the time between each click

In certain click-based games, such as Flappy Bird or shooter games, you have to perform mouse clicks after certain intervals of time. You can configure our Mac Auto Clicker to decide how much time passes between each click. All you need to do is input the delay in seconds and milliseconds and watch the magic unfold. You can set it up to perform 30 clicks in 30 seconds and also 30 clicks in 1 second by setting the millisecond delay accurately! Isn’t that simply amazing?

Set the maximum number of clicks- Our Mac Auto Clicker allows you to set the maximum number of clicks that take place in a certain interval of time. There are certain online games that may ban you if you exceed the click count in a short space of time. We advise you to read the game’s terms and conditions and learn about the click limits. You can then use our auto clicker to set the maximum number of clicks to avoid getting banned.

Perform complex tasks

You can use our Mac Auto Clicker to automate complex tasks. For ex: Consider you are uploading several files to an online database that requires you to click the same buttons multiple times. You can configure the Mac Auto Clicker to select your files and click the required buttons to upload them on your behalf. All you need to do is move your cursor to that location, record the location, and set the type of click you want to perform.

Different types of clicks 

The Mac Auto Clicker comes with various types of clicks, such as right- and left-clicks, double-clicks, middle-clicks, and Shift-clicks. It also allows you to move actions up and down the list to change their order and comes with some automated text typing capabilities. This is very useful for tasks with repetitive clicking.

Easy to install and use 

Our Mac Auto Clicker is ideal for all purposes. Whether you want to use the auto clicker to beat a record in an online game or to automate some of your office work, our Mac Auto Clicker is packed with features that can help you accomplish your tasks with just a few clicks. You can use our auto clicker to click and drag, move windows around your screen, and drag files to folders conveniently.

About Mac Auto Clicker

Mac Auto Clicker is a free tool to automate clicks on your Mac OS devices. It can be used for gaming or performing complex repetitive tasks.